Onslow Medical Specialties Clinic
Jacksonville, NC
Beth Israel's  Pulmonary
Rehabilitation: State of
the Science
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Drexel University School of Medicine
Allegheny General Hospital
Medical Director, Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Lifeline Specialty Centers
Pittsburgh, PA
Richard Casaburi, MD,FCCP,PhD
Professor of Medicine
UCLA School of Medicine
Associate Chief for Research, Division of Respiratory & Critical Care
Physiology and Medicine
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA

Bartolome R. Celli, MD,FCCP
Professor of Medicine
Tufts University School of Medicine
Chief, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Caritas St Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston, MA

Claudia Cote, MD,FCCP
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of South Florida
Director, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
Bay Pines VA Health Care System, Bay Pines, FL

Rebecca H. Crouch, PT,MS,CCS
Coordinator of Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Services
Duke Center for Living, Durham, NC

Luis F. Diez-Morales, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
University of Connecticut
Chief, Section of General Internal Medicine and Director, Ambulatory Services, Saint Francis Hospital and
Medical Center, Hartford, CT

Claudio F. Donner, MD,FCCP
Medical Director
Mondo Medico, Multidisciplinary & Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic
President, Italian Interdisciplinary Association for Research in Respiratory Dieases, Borgomanero, Italy

Bonnie F. Fahy, RN,MN,FAACVPR
Pulmonary Clinical Nurse Specialist
Director, Pulmonary Rehabilitation
St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

Manager, Seton Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Daly City, CA
Nurse Practitioner, Sleep Disorders, University of California, San Francisco, CA

Roger Goldstein, MD,FCCP
Professor of Medicine and Physical Therapy, University of Toronto,
Head Respiratory, West Park Healthcare Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alison Lane-Reticker, MD,FACEP
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine & Internal Medicine
University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT

Suzanne C. Lareau, RN,MS,FAAN
Pulmonary Clinical Nurse Specialist
Instructor of Nursing (Clinical Educator) College of Nursing
Clinical Lecturer, Department of Internal Medicine,
Uniiversity of New Mexico, Albuquerqe, NM

Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Co-Director, COPD Program
Natiuonal Jewish Medical & Research Center, Denver, CO

Francois Maltais, MD
Professor of Medicine,
Respirologist, Centre de Pneumologie, Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada

James McCormick, MD
Professor and Chief
University of Kentucky Medical center, Lexington, KY

Michael D.L. Morgan, MD,FRCP
Consultant Physician and Head of Service
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Allergy and Thoracic Surgery
Glenfield Hospital
University Hospitals of Leicester
Honorary Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Leicester,
Leicester, UK

Linda Nici, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Brown University School of Medicine
Associate Chief, Pulmonary & Critical Care Section, Providence VAMC
Providence, Rhode Island

Jonathan M. Raskin, MD, FCCP
Assistant Clinical Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Medical Director, Alice Lawrence Center for Health & Rehabilitation
Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY

Andrew L. Ries, MD,FCCP,MPH
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/ Professor of Medicine and Family & Preventive Medicine
Director, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
University of California, San Diego

Carolyn L. Rochester, MD,FCCP
Associate Professor of Medicine
Section of Pulmonary and Critical Care
Yale University School of Medicine
Director, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, West Haven VA Medical Center, West Haven, CT

Thierry Troosters, PT,PhD
Respiratory Division, University Hospitals Leuven
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Department of Rehabilitation Services, Leuven, Belgium

Richard L. ZuWallack, MD,FCCP
Professor of Medicine, University of Connecticut
Associate Chief, Pulmonary & Critical Care
Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center, Hartford, CT

January 18, 2008 - Friday

6:30 PM    - Registration
7:45 PM    - Welcome & Introduction                                              Jonathan Raskin, MD,FCCP
                                                     Richard ZuWallack, MD,FCCP
Session I - Chair: Bartolome R. Celli, MD,FCCP
8:00 PM    - A Brief History of Pulmonary Rehabilitation             Richard Casaburi, MD,FCCP,PhD
8:30 PM    - ACCP-AACVPR 2007 Evidence-Based Guidelines on Pulmonary Reabilitation
                                                     Andrew Ries, MD,FCCP,MPH
9:00 PM    - Discussion
9:15 PM    - Adjournment

January 19, 2008 - Saturday

7:30 AM    - Registration and Breakfast
Session 2 - Chair: Linda Nici, MD
8:00 AM    - Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Integrated Care: Definitions and Concepts
                   - Claudio Donner, MD,FCCP & Linda Nici, MD
8:40 AM    -  COPD is Bad                                                                  - Bartolome Celli, MD,FCCP
9:00 AM    - New Insights in the Assessment & Staging of COPD  - Caludia Cote, MD,FCCP
9:20 AM    - Lessons Learned from the NETT                                     - Barry Make, FACP,FCCP
9:40 AM    - COPD: A Disease of the Muscles                                     - Francois Maltais, MD
10:00 AM  - Discussion
10:20 AM  - Coffee Break
Session 3  - Chair : Jonathan Raskin, MD,FCCP
10:40 AM  -  Physical Inactivity in Chronic Lung Diseases                - Thierry Trooster, PT,PhD
11:00 AM  -  Exercise Training: The Cornerstone of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
                                                             - Michael Morgan, MD,FRCP
11:20 AM  -  Education and Self Management Strategies                - Jean Borbeau,MD,FRCP
11:40 AM  -  Psychosocial Interventions in Pulmonary Rehabilitation
                                                           - Chris Garvey, FNP,FAACVPR
12:00 PM -  Outcome Assessment in Pulmonary Rehabilitation  - Suzanne Lareau, RN,MS,FAAN
12:20 PM -  Discussion
1:00  PM  -  Adjournment

January 20, 2008 - Sunday

7:30 AM  -  Registration
Session 4   - Chair:  Andrew Ries, MD,MPH
8:00 AM  -  Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Non-COPD Patient      - Carolyn Rochester, MD,FCCP
8:30 AM  -  Panel Discussion- The Rationale Use of Supplemntal Oxygen
- Roger Goldstein, MD,FCCP & Richard Casaburi, MD,FCCP,PhD
9:00 AM  -  Panel Discussion - Palliative Care & Pulmonary Rehabilitation
- Alison Lane-Reticker, MD,FACEP & James McCormick, MD
9:30 AM  -  Coffee Break
10:00 AM - Panel Discussion - Promoting Exercise and Activity in the Home
- Bonnie Fahy, RN,MN,FAACVPR & Rebecca Crouch, PT,MS,CCS
10:30 AM - Panel Discussion - Promoting Pulmonary Rehabilitation to Physicians in Training -
- Luis Diez-Morales, MD, Bonnie Fahy, RN, and Jonathan Raskin, MD
11:00 AM - Panel Discussion - Obtaining Fair Reimbursement for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
- Jonathan Raskin, MD & Brian Carling, MD
11:30 AM -  Discussion
12:00 PM -  Adjournment