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Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test   (CPET)
Viasys Vmax system - one of the best cardio-pulmonary exercise testing
(CPET) systems in the world. .

testing that measures the responses of the cardiovascular and respiratory
systems to an exercise protocol. This test lasts 10 minutes or less, and is
symptom-limited, or stops when patient exercises to her/ his maximum exercise
capacity and she/he could not exercise any further due to severe shortness of
breath or fatigue or chest pain or leg cramps or abnormal EKG changes or
severe abnormal blood pressure response. Serial spirometry ( as indicated) is
performed at baseline ( or before the exercise)  and after 5, 10, 20 and 30
minutes post- peak exercise,  to evaluate presence of exercise-induced
bronchospasm or asthma, in an indoor setting.

This test measures respiratory gas exchange (e.g. oxygen uptake [VO2] ,
carbon dioxide [VCO2], minute ventilation [Ve], and anaerobic threshold, in
addition to electrocardiography, blood pressure and pulse oximetry during a
maximal progressive exercise tolerance test, using an electronic braked cycle

This laboratory exercise testing allows us to reproduce and assess symptoms
and makes discriminating measurements of the patient's cardiovascular,
musculoskeletal and respiratory systems in a relatively safe (monitored)


1. Assists in differentiating the cause of exertional dyspnea, either pulmonary vs
cardiac vs physical deconditioning or poor effort.
2. Detects presence and nature of ventilatory limitations to exercise ( or work).
4. Objectively assesses severity of heart failure, based on Weber's Exercise
Classification, using maximal oxygen uptake and anaerobic threshold.
5. Assesses prognosis in heart failure and assists in prioritizing patients for
heart transplantation.
6. Assesses prognosis in primary pulmonary hypertension and assists in
prioritizing patients for lung transplantation.
7. Assesses prognosis in COPD and assists in prioritizing emphysema patients
for lung volume reduction surgery.
8. Assists in pre-operative evaluation for surgical risk for thoracic surgery or
major abdominal surgery, based on Order's protocol.
9. Assists in measuring respiratory impairment for disability evaluation.
10. Assists in exercise rehabilitation prescription in heart disease and COPD.

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