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Pulmonology & Sleep Disorders Clinic/ Pulmonary Rehabilitation
123 Pompano Place, Jacksonville, NC  28546
Tel # 910-455-9398
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic

Medical Director

Eusebio Desuyo, MD,MBA,MPH
Board-Certified in Pulmonary Medicine  & Sleep Medicine
Cardiac Rehabilitation Training (University of Wisconsin- La Crosse)
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Training (American Association of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary
Rehabilitation, American College of Chest Physicians, American Thoracic Society, European
Respiratory Society, Beth Israel Medical Center- New York  and others)

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program:

- A  6- week program   (  total of 36 sessions and one hour per session; two hours every
Monday & Wednesday and Friday ):  and may extend additional 36 sessions if medically
  This session will involve education and  exercise training,  which is
medically supervised and monitored,   in  order to  improve  patient's  exercise  
tolerance,  functional capacity  and  breathing.

- Our program is primarily intended for:  
severe ( or GOLD criteria class 3)  COPD ( with FEV1 =30 - 50% predicted and FEV1/
FVC ratio of less than 70 % predicted),  and  
very severe ( or end stage or GOLD criteria class 4)  COPD  ( with FEV1 = less than 30
% predicted and FEV1/ FVC ratio of less than 70% predicted).`
Severely symptomatic moderate ( or GOLD class 2) COPD - ( with FEV1 less  than        d.  
Severe interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis and/ or severe chronic lung disease.

- Generally scheduled on every Monday- Wednesday- Friday, lasting 2 hours per day and
from 9 am to 11 am.

Education sessions include  the  following topics:

a. Introduction to Pulmonary Rehabilitation
b. Lung Anatomy & Physiology,  and Pathophysiology of COPD
c. Pharmacology - Medications used in COPD, indications, effects, side effects and
possible drug-to-drug interactions.
d. Breathing Exercises and Coughing Techniques and Use of Incentive Spirometry
e. Oxygen therapy
f.  Exercise
g. Activities of Daily Living
h. Diet & Nutrition
i.  Mental Health, Stress Reduction Techniques and Relaxation Techniques.
f.  Staying Well and Avoiding/ Preventing  Infections
g. Travel
h. Sexuality
i.  Caregiver
j.  Sleep & Health
k.  Others

Exercise training includes strength and endurance muscle training exercises involving  
lower  extremities, upper extremities, and respiratory muscles,  and  relaxation  training.  
Oxygen therapy may be provided as needed during this training.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation helps patients (AACVPR statements):

- experience less difficulty with breathing.
- increase muscle strength and endurance.
- improve their ability to cope with daily activities.
- understand how to use medications and oxygen appropriately.
- improve quality of life.
- reduce hospitalizations.

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