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Thoracic Ultrasound
Sonosite Turbo Ultrasound:   one of best portable ultrasound systems in the
country, heavily used in the intensive care unit (ICU) settings.

Thoracic Ultrasound - can visualize the chest wall, the diaphragm, the pleura
and the peripheral lung abutting the pleura.

1. used in the investigation of chest wall abnormalities, pleural thickening and
pleural tumors.
2. used in the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of pleural effusion and
pericardial effusion. It determines if pleural effusion is simple or complicated,
septated or non-septated, and /or loculated or non-loculated, and helps plan
for pleural drainage.
3. used in ultrasound -guided procedures such as thoracentesis, chest tube
drainage, medical pleuroscopy  and  pleurx catheter placement, to minimize
complications and to improve safety of the procedures.
4. assists in visualizing lung tumors, pulmonary consolidations and other
parenchymal abnormalities abutting the pleura.
5. assists in fine needle aspiration (FNA) and cutting needle biopsy of lesions
arising from the chest wall, pleura and peripheral lung.
6. used in evaluating for diaphragmatic paralysis or in detecting pneumothorax.